About Us

Dance-MusicThe Planet Xtreme Teen Center, (a 501c-3 non profit organization) provides after school and weekend programming in a safe, positive environment. Activities at Planet Xtreme are provided free or at low cost to teens in grades 7th—12th. The Center is staffed with volunteers from the community and local colleges who care about the youth of our area. Since opening in 2004 in the Fred Gilbert Center, over 2000 teens have come through our doors. The Teen Center is now at its new location across from the Princeton Rescue Squad on Brick Street. We average about 350 teens that come to different events, programs and activities each month.Many businesses, organizations, churches, and individuals are joining with us to build this vision. They are investing in this center out of a genuine concern for our teens. Although there are many problems our teens are facing, one thing is for certain… positive mentoring in a safe, drug-free, alcohol-free environment can make a difference! Our teens need to know that we have not given up on them– they need to know we believe they are our future.